Acupuncture is safe and effective for the entire family.

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture works through accessing the "life force" in people and animals. This "life force" is known as "chi" (also spelled "qi"). The simplest way to describe chi is if you were a toaster, the electricity that runs through the toaster to make you work is "chi." Chi does not flow through the nervous system! Chi flows through its own channels called "meridians." Meridians run between physical structures like muscles, tendons, and bones and flow throughout the body. Along these meridians are the "points" where very fine needles are inserted. The gentle insertion of hair thin needles at specific points along the channels of chi energy help to restore harmony.


More than 360 points are commonly used for treatment. Each point is carefully chosen based on a complete assessment of each patient. Because everyone is an individual and diagnosis is very different in Chinese Medicine than in Western Medicine, two patients who both have a Western diagnosis of "a ruptured disk" for example, may need two completely different sets of points in order for treatment to succeed.

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