Is your horse able to give you his best?


No one wants to show up at a horse show with a lame horse (or pony)!

Benefits for Horses

​​Read Lydia's blog on bad behavior in horses (link here.)

Horses are different than dogs and cats because we ride them. This means that soundness is imperative. Whereas a dog may have a bit of stiffness and weakness and still be okay, your horse needs to be as solid as possible. Acupuncture can help you get back to where you were AND help to keep you there.

Lydia's special blend of body release work with acupuncture is very effective for many ailments.  

​The following is a short list of issues acupuncture can help address:

* Keeping your horse at the highest level of performance

* grumpiness while being groomed and/or saddled

* bucking and rearing issues.

* back pain

* unexplained or undiagnosable lameness

* arthritis

* chronic colic

* severe stiffness on one side of the body

* chronic hind end issues including hocks and stifles

* an abscess that won’t "pop"

* recovery from an illness

* fear aggression

* inability to adjust to changes in the environment

* laminitis or founder

* navicular

Please call 443-474-3631 or email if you have questions regarding how Lydia may be able to help your horse.