"Honey" sometimes refuses to get up when her acupuncture session is over.  She also "insists" that Lydia lay with her the entire treatment.

Benefits for Dogs

Acupuncture can be helpful and even very successful in treating most chronic conditions.

The most common conditions for which Acu Animal sees dogs are:

* arthritis

* hip dysplasia

* ongoing limping/lameness

* digestive upset, chronic vomiting, appetite issues

* seizures

* tendon/ligament issues

* back pain

* allergies including scratching, chewing on paws, "hot spots" and raw spots

* loss of control of bowels and/or bladder

* recovery from an accident

* bitches not producing milk or recovering from a hard birth

Acupuncture can help dogs at an emotional level too:

* fear 

* aggression/fear aggression

* recovery from past abandonment and/or abuse

* inability to adjust to a change in the environment

Please call 443-474-3631 or email AcuAnimal@gmail.com if you have questions about whether acupuncture will be able to help your dog.